Vein Therapy

Vein Therapy

Spider Veins or Telangiectasias are the small red, purple or blue blood vessels that are commonly found under the surface of the skin. These tiny vessels are found most often on the face, chest and thighs. Spider veins are not necessary and are often removed for cosmetic reasons.

What causes Telangiectasias ?

Telangiectasias or Spider veins are typically created by anything that may cause our face to flush or blush. Often times heredity, sun damage, Acne Rosacea (an adult form of acne), hot and spicy food, exercise, hormones, emotions, cortisone medications and some rare skin diseases can cause or contribute to these unsightly veins.

What is the best treatment to remove unwanted  Facial Spider Veins?

nose veinsThe Weksberg Centre for Cosmetic Dermatology in Toronto, Ontario, vascular lasers are the treatment of choice to remove these spots. Our state of the art laser treatments allows us to deliver a precise dosage of energy to each vein. During your laser treatment, light energy is delivered through a special hand piece into the targeted vein, in a series of brief pulses. The light energy is then absorbed by the blood vessels, but not the surrounding tissue. This heat absorption will cause the blood vessel to coagulate; the blood vessel is then absorbed by your body.

Does the Treatment Hurt ?

At The Weksberg Centre for Cosmetic Dermatology in Toronto, Ontario our patients report little to no discomfort. Some patients report feeling a brief snapping sensation (like a rubber band snap) on the skin and some patients may experience a minor temporary stinging sensation. Cool gel and soothing cream is applied immediately following your treatment to alleviate any discomfort you may feel.

What can I expect after treatment ?

After your treatment at The Weksberg Centre for Cosmetic Dermatology Toronto, you may experience temporary redness or purple discoloration. Swelling and blisters rarely occur and very rare cases your skin colour may be lighter or darker, this usually fades with time. Extreme care must be taken to completely avoid sun exposure while your skin is healing and a broad spectrum sun block with a minimum SPF 30 is required during this time. Dr. Weksberg recommends Nu-Derm SPF 50.

Will my veins come back ?

If you have a medical condition where you are prone to getting veins, new veins will most likely form over time. Sun protection is a must to help reduce this risk. Nose veins are most likely to recur because they are high pressure vessels feeding this area of the face. Dr. Weksberg and his highly trained nurses and technicians at The Weksberg Centre for Cosmetic Dermatology in Toronto will assess you and approximate how may visits you will require to achieve your desired results. Periodic touch-up treatments may be necessary with time.

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